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Apprenticeship Programs

MB HAYNES Corporation began in 1921 as MB Haynes Electric Company. The first registered apprenticeship program through the State of North Carolina began in 1951. Later, not only was the importance of continuing the apprenticeship program recognized but the importance of learning the trade the “HAYNES Way” brought to light the need to bring the program in-house. In 1972, the in-house apprenticeship program was approved for the Electric Construction division. One of the first in-house registered apprentices was Tony Clinton. Mr. Clinton would go on to work for the company for forty-six years and rise to the level of Vice President of Operations for HAYNES Electric Construction. He would also be a champion for the program promoting it throughout his entire career and making it a part of the HAYNES Electric Construction culture.

MB HAYNES believes in the apprenticeship program so much that it added four additional programs to the offering in recent years. Heating and Cooling in 2014, Overhead and Underground Electrical Distribution in 2015, Pipefitting and Pipewelding in 2018 and Plumbing in 2018 (MB HAYNES is the only employer sponsoring a plumbing apprenticeship in the Mountain Area Region at this time.) The enrollment in all the programs at MB HAYNES for 2018-2019 is around 160.

MB HAYNES promotes the apprenticeship program throughout the community at Career Fairs, Job Fairs and speaking engagements from Elementary to High Schools to Community College classes. Area schools have come to see MB HAYNES as a partner in promoting post-education options in the trades and regularly call asking for members of the Outreach team to visit and speak.