When the temperatures start to rise or the air turns crisp and cool in the wintertime, the only thought on your mind may be how you will afford the air conditioning and heating costs your business incurs throughout the season. If you want to drastically reduce how much your business pays for air conditioning and heating, here are a few ideas we highly recommend.

  1. air conditioning and heatingUse a programmable thermostat. Does your office remain at the same temperature throughout the entire day and into the evening? To minimize your utility bills, use a programmable thermostat. This will allow you to maintain your office’s temperature during the day and either turn up or turn down the temperature (depending on the season) when no one is there.
  2. Encourage the use of fans. Your employees likely care more about their comfort level when they’re at work than what cooling bills are costing your company. If you want to turn up the temperature in your office during the summer, make sure you encourage your employees to use fans to cool off instead of lowering the thermostat every time they go to make a copy or get a drink.
  3. Make preventative maintenance a priority. The efficiency of your business’ AC unit and heating system can largely impact how much you pay for air conditioning and heating. To minimize the chances of one of these systems breaking down unexpectedly and to cut down your utility bills, contact us at HAYNES Heating & Cooling preventative maintenance on a bi-annual basis.