If you own or operate a commercial location, you likely want to reduce your air conditioning and heating costs. However, you probably won’t get very far if your employees don’t cooperate with your goals. Here are a few strategies we recommend that may convince your employees of the importance of minimizing your air conditioning and heating costs and encourage them to work on this goal with you.

  1. air conditioning and heatingEducate Them – One of the main reasons your employees may not be trying to help your business save is because they do not fully understand the impact large air conditioning and heating bills can have on the environment and the financial health of your company. Host a seminar for you employees to attend that addresses these issues.
  2. Form a Team – As an employer, your first instinct may be to institute practices that will help reduce your business’ energy consumption levels. However, you may find that allowing your employees to add suggestions may motivate them to save energy more than if you were the one contributing all of the ideas.
  3. Put Up Reminders – For many, keeping the thermostat at a reasonable temperature, opening up the windows when it gets hot, or turning on a fan instead of cranking up the AC are natural reactions, but for others, energy-saving practices don’t come as easily. Put up signs and send out reminders of ways your employees can easily help you cut down your air conditioning and heating bills.

If you want to discover more ways to cut back on your air conditioning and heating bills, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.