At HAYNES Electric Construction, our electricians are trained, certified and experienced problem solvers. We can successfully diagnose and fix literally thousands of electrical issues. Whether your lights are flickering, you’ve lost power to parts of your home, or switches are buzzing, we’ll fix them all.

Below are four electric problems that should be promptly attended to:

  1. electric, Asheville NCBreaker Won’t Reset: Breakers shut off the power when there are problems in a circuit. The most likely cause, therefore, is somewhere on the circuit. When a breaker keeps tripping, do not continue attempting to turn it on because this can be extremely dangerous, and it can cause additional damage to your electrical system. We’ll find the problem and safely restore power to the circuit.
  2. No Breakers Tripped But Lost Power to an Area: This indicates a broken or damaged circuit somewhere. It can be difficult to locate and repair this type of problem; however, we are experts at troubleshooting, so we’ll find it for sure.
  3. Crackling or Sizzling Noises from the Panel: These sounds indicate an electric hazard! You need a qualified electrician right away.
  4. Lights Really Bright or Really Dim: This could also be a serious problem. Immediately unplug sensitive electronics and call us to send an electrician. Power fluctuations can cause major damage.

Whether you require an electrical upgrade or repairs, are planning a remodel or building a new home or office premises from scratch, our electricians are all fully trained, insured and licensed. Contact us at HAYNES Electric Construction. We serve all of Asheville, Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson and Madison Counties.