firestop_000__1_Firestops are physical barriers designed to prevent the spread of flames, deadly gases and toxic smoke. Firestops are necessary because these things typically move through openings in walls floors and ceilings. Not only can it save lives but firestop also protects critical systems and investments and serves as a building liability reinforcement.
Unlike the caulk used to seal doors and windows, Firestop materials are approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) or Omega Laboratory to perform in a fire or smoke emergency. Firestops come in a number of different forms ranging from malleable materials to fill gaps, wraps or coverings, pre-formed putty, intumescent clamps, or fire-resistant joint systems. Firestops become systems when used in various combinations to achieve a particular safety goal. Each component used to form a system must meet specified design ratings from organizations such as UL or the American Society of Testing and Materials.
HAYNES FireStop is the local contractor for all your professional Firestop needs. We are UL qualified and an active member of the Firestop Contractors International Association. We are an accredited HILTI Firestop Specialty Contractor, providing you with quality work which will restore your wall or floor fire ratings. We can help you figure what the best Firestop method is for your project and then install it quickly and correctly. Protect your home or buisness right and call us at 828.252.6141 or visit us online here.



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