In the past, plumbers have used cable machines and cold water jetters to unclog pipes. Cable equipment is very effective in removing clogs but leaves large amounts of uncleaned residue.  The cable breaks through the clog to allow flow but does not clear away the surrounding build up. Untitled-1Today’s technology has allowed us to engineer new equipment that cleans pipes in a much more efficient manner. Using hot high pressure water, hot water jetters clean pipes better and keep them cleaner longer. The specialized nozzles force buildup to clear away from the surfaces on the sidewalls of the pipes and lines. These uncleaned surfaces lead to premature line buildup and blockage. Hot water scours and breaks down difficult grease film better than cold water jetting. The machine cleans the sewer line from top to bottom and the entire run of the line. Hot water jetting is faster and easier than traditional methods of pipe cleaning and produces less mess! Using high-pressure hot water is the most effective course of action.

High pressure water jetting removes all buildup and debris from your sewer lines, leaving them spotless clean. Combining our jetting services with the Total-C drain additive guarantees that your sewer lines will be odor free and free flowing. Your sewer system will be cleaner and stay cleaner longer compared with using cabling equipment.

HAYNES Plumbing can flush your lines of grease, hair, soils, fats, roots, ice buildup, and descale quickly and easily using the new Hot Jet II. We are the only plumbing company in the area providing this new and effective pipe cleaning service. Give HAYNES Plumbing a call today at 828.254.6141  or visit us online here for guaranteed results!



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