To minimize electrical fires in the workplace, business owners and managers must be able to identify and assess hazards and understand the associated risks.

Be Aware of the Following:

  • electric in Asheville, NCOverloading extension cords and electrical circuits can cause fires. Extension cords are often used in the workplace because many machines and devices need to operate at the same time. However, they should be avoided.
  • The use of poorly maintained, unsafe or inferior quality appliances should be avoided. They can easily develop electric shorts and cause fires. At the end of every day, switch all appliances off.
  • Electrically operated office equipment such as shredders, scanners, printers and computers should be regularly inspected to ensure the power cords are not frayed, defective or incorrectly installed.
  • Working with ‘live’ equipment is dangerous. Before adjusting, cleaning or applying flammable solutions, electrical machines should be disconnected.
  • The use of portable heaters, which are often placed in closed spaces or under desks, should be avoided. The heat generated from them can burn paper or even melt the insulation around electric devices.
  • Combustible materials such as paper and cardboard boxes should not be allowed to accumulate in inadequate storage locations close to sources of ignition.

In addition to having proper fire protection equipment in place, managers should brief and train all staff members, especially those who are part of the fire safety team, about what to do if a fire does break out.

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