Pressure vehicles such as hot water heaters, chillers and boilers are common in industrial environments. Many people don’t think too much about a building’s boiler, but for facility managers and directors, there’s much more to boiler repairs than meets the eye. That’s why, in America, repairs are governed by a National Board classification called R-stamp welding.

We are R-stamp Certified ContractorIn most states, the law requires boiler repairs to be performed by organizations that possess a valid certificate from the NBBPVI (National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors). Known as the R-stamp symbol, this means that a company performing repairs has been through a strict authorization process for R-stamp welding, which guarantees reliable and safe repair to a boiler that is still under warranty.

An R-stamp is issued to a company that has an existing ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) code stamp for construction and whose quality control system follows the guidelines set by ASME. By stamping their identifying numbers with a set of steel stencils, welders identify their work.

At H&M Constructors, we hold a certificate of authorization and R-stamp for the modification and/or repair of pressure vessels, boilers and other related equipment. Therefore, you can be sure that we follow a strict quality control system. After repairs have been made, we will complete the necessary form, have it signed by an authorized inspector, and then deliver it to your facility.

Not only do we have skilled craftsmen to weld to the required standards, but we also have experts to develop new procedures to meet your unique requirements.