Do you own or operate a retail business? At HAYNES Technologies, we understand that there are unique issues and considerations when it comes to security solutions for your business. Not only do you have to protect your inventory, but you must also protect employees and customers. There are many facets of providing a safe and secure environment, each with its own challenges.

Security Solutions for Retail BusinessesSome of the major concerns that we have heard from our clients revolve around 3 key themes:

  • Theft – Shoplifting and internal theft are two challenges at the forefront of the minds of retail owners, and finding security solutions to minimize these costs can make a huge impact on the financial health of the company. Video surveillance systems that have been professionally planned and include a monitoring center are a common and effective method for controlling theft. Intrusion detection during the hours the retail location is closed is also an important component of security solutions for retail businesses. Criminals continue to get more organized and sophisticated each day, so security solutions must also evolve. A company with an old, outdated system likely has a false sense of security.
  • Fire – The key to protecting customers and employees from fire is twofold. First there should be security solutions in place that prevent fires by monitoring such things as problems with wiring. The second issue is that a retail business should have a complete fire suppression system, including fire alarms and fire sprinklers.
  • Personal Safety – Retail businesses have safety measures in place to minimize accidents that can happen to both customers and employees, but some things are beyond their control. An assault is one example. When a company has a video surveillance system in place, they can quickly ascertain what happened and aid law enforcement in catching and charging the offender. Just the known presence of a system can reduce assaults because people are less likely to commit crimes when they know there is a high likelihood of being caught.

Whether you operate a newly formed retail businesses or are looking to update your outdated security systems, we recommend that retail business operators discuss security solutions with a professional company knowledgeable in modern security technology. We would love to hear from you at HAYNES Technologies in Asheville, North Carolina. The savings in reduced theft and potentially even human life far outweigh the system installation costs.