Rheem offers a feature-loaded range of heat pumps – one of the most comprehensive in the HVAC industry. The company’s super-efficient technology results in savings on both electricity and gas. Whichever Rheem product you choose, you can look forward to cost-effective, reliable, energy-saving performance for years to come.

On the Subject of Heat Pumps, Rheem says: Don’t Be Sold by Energy Efficiency AloneIf you’re in the market for a heat pump, here are some helpful FAQs:

  • Are Some Heat Pumps Better than Others? Obviously, energy-efficiency is important. However, when making your choice, be aware that reduced operating costs are of little comfort if your service and repair bills are high. The message here is: Don’t be sold on energy-efficiency alone.
  • Are the Exterior Features Important? Yes, absolutely! An important feature that you’ll want to look for is a galvanized, louvered steel cabinet that protects the exterior unit from outdoor hazards. And, for improved appearance and durability, ensure the cabinet has been powder painted with high quality enamel.
  • What Should I Know about HSPF and SEER? The Department of Energy requires that all HVAC manufacturers evaluate and rate the efficiency of their products on a seasonal basis. These are referred to as HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) for heating equipment, and SEER (seasonal energy efficiency rating) is for air conditioning equipment.
  • Are Some Heat Pumps Quieter than Others? The outdoor fan on some units can be an annoying source of noise. Rheem heat pumps have a grille design to minimize air restriction, which enables the fan to operate more silently.

Tip: Look for a heat pump contractor in your local community. You’ll want one close by for faster, more reliable service.


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