Control Services

Improve tenant satisfaction and comfort, save money and lower energy use with a fully programmable control system installed by HAYNES Controls, authorized Distech Controls integrators. Once installed, you can choose to have your staff manage the system from a smartphone, tablet, or PC, or turn over the system to your staff or to a remote certified HAYNES technician. You’ll have complete access to data analytics any building owner, manager, developer, or general contractor needs to maintain a comfortable and highly efficient environment.

What We Do




Commercial & Industrial Services

HAYNES Controls is an authorized Distech integrator. Distech is a leader in building automation and energy management system products to lower energy and operational costs. Our high-quality installation and service solutions combine with their top-of-the-line products to deliver just what you need for the ultimate in comfort and building efficiency. We can integrate multiple systems, including HVAC, into a single user-friendly system.


  • Facility automation systems integration
  • Web-based automation systems integration
  • HVAC building automation controls
  • Data analytics
  • Control panel custom enclosures
  • UL/CSA certified fabrication
  • Systems engineering
  • VFD systems
  • Lighting controls
  • Relational databases for information management
  • Digital, pneumatic, and electric controls installation and expansions
  • Technical programming, installation, startup, and service