Electric Utility

HAYNES Electric Utility has been constructing and servicing power lines, in conjunction with Duke Progress Energy, Haywood Electric Membership and French Broad Electric Membership, for over 50 years. We serve the electric utility needs of Western North Carolina’s governmental agencies, cities, towns, industries, corporations, and institutions.

HAYNES Electric Utility is a Duke Energy Progress Distribution Power Line Service, Installation & Repair Services preferred contractor.

What We Do




Commercial & Industrial Services

When a storm takes the power out, we can travel anywhere in the Eastern United States to assist in power restoration. Our services are available through a contract, bid, or project proposal.


  • Overhead and underground distribution systems design, installation, & maintenance
  • Underground line construction including grounding, transformers, insulators, conductors, and poles
  • New construction and maintenance engineering
  • Line and equipment maintenance
  • Communication cable installation
  • Traffic controls signal construction and maintenance
  • Installation, replacement, and retrofitting of cabling, poles, controllers, and signal heads
  • Traffic signal programming
  • High-tech equipment installation like fiber optics, cameras, wireless devices, and microwave detectors
  • Metal mast arm, metal strain, wood, and other pole installation
  • Large hole augering with Altec pressure-digging vehicle from 18-48” diameter.
  • Highway lighting installation and maintenance
  • Detection loop installation including saw cutting, cabling, and sealant
  • Outdoor and sports lighting system installation & repair
  • Outdoor and sports lighting design for football, soccer, baseball & softball, tennis courts, outdoor tracks, and parking lots
  • 24/7 storm response emergency service
  • Overhead & underground line repair including grounding, transformers, trenching, conduits, terminations, & special equipment