Electrical Contractor in Asheville, NC

An electrical surge is a spike in the voltage coming into your home. Most often, these spikes are caused by lightning strikes, or electrical problems inside the home, or by your power provider.

Surge protectors regulate the flow of electricity. When the voltage goes up, the protector diverts the excess into the ground away from electronics and other sensitive equipment in your home.

If you have a dishwasher, computer, TV, doorbell, intercom, air conditioning, a well pump or irrigation clock, it’s advisable to have an electrical contractor install whole-house surge protection.

Even a small surge can damage and affect the life of equipment. Investing in this type of protection is worth every penny because it prevents malfunctions and potentially expensive repair or replacement of valuable items in your home.

We perform whole-house surge protection through a Duke Energy Progress program or direct to owners.

A whole-house surge protector is installed in the electric panel or meter, so it’s out of the way. One device protects all electrical equipment in the home. Depending on the type equipment and type of surge, you may still need plug-in protectors to ensure that there are no ‘gaps’ in the protection.

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